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Archibald McKellar have been supplying and installing quality office furniture in Glasgow since 1948. Located on the South Side of Glasgow, McKellar can provide fast, tailored solutions to all of your office furniture Glasgow requirements.

Archibald McKellar Office Furniture Glasgow is an independent supplier of an extensive collection of office and contract furniture. With the help of our interior design department we can also advise you on furniture layouts, design and colour proposals, partitioning, window coverings, flooring and glass manifestation. With our own installation team we fit the flooring, window coverings and assemble the office furniture in Glasgow and beyond.


McKellar Office Furniture Glasgow has a wide range of desking systems available. From simple panel ended desks to 4 legged, T-leg, loop or electric sit-stand desking with memory and office occupancy measurement system complete with mobile phone app for agile working

Height adjustable desking from McKellar Office Furniture Glasgow

Although the current HSE guidance doesn't require a desk to be height adjustable, you may want to consider this option for the wellbeing and productivity of your staff.

Where the minimum height requirement for a rectangular desk is 720mm, a 740mm desk will accommodate more users. Shorter users would require a footrest to enable them to achieve a satisfactory working posture. A height adjustable desk (from 660mm to 900mm) can accommodate everyone without a footrest. 

A height adjustable desk doesn't necessarily have to be a an electric sit stand desk. There are many economic options, like 'set height adjustable desks' available to accommodate the different working heights of the increasingly diverse Glasgow working population. 

Sit stand desks from McKellar Office Furniture Glasgow

Static (muscle)strain on the human body is the cause of many lower back and neck- shoulder and RSI problems. There are many philosophies about which seating posture minimizes this risk and most of them contradict each-other. Some people say that working at a desk is just as bad as smoking

However there is agreement on the fact that the prevention of prolonged periods of sitting prevents these problems and that is where sit stand desking comes in. 

  Samuel Bruce  Sit-Stand desking

Samuel Bruce Sit-Stand desking

Task seating from McKellar Office Furniture Glasgow

McKellar Office Furniture Glasgow has seen tremendous changes in office interiors over the years. From the introduction of typewriters for the secretarial staff, dictaphones right through to laptops, mobile phones and now even office chairs that have build in sensors that measure and record  users posture and encourage them to sit correctly and move about. It is fair to say that buying office chairs can be a real nightmare as it is difficult to cut the marketing blurb from the sensible ergonomic options. Here at McKellar Office furniture Glasgow we have a wealth of experience in the office task seating market, so you can feel assured that you will get the right advice.

Filing and Storage from McKellar Office Furniture Glasgow

McKellar Office Furniture Glasgow has a large collection of different types of cabinets. Office cabinets come in various types and of different materials. Custom cabinets, acoustic cabinets but also drawer units or filing cabinets. We offer a suitable solution for every need.
Are you looking for an oak Cabinet or only with a wooden top. A cupboard with metal accents, of melamine but we also offer steel cabinets finished with a coloured powder coating. We are not limited to any manufacturer and offer independent advice to suit your needs. 

filing cabinets Glasgow

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